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Originally Posted by Omemee1 View Post
I'm sorry, where do you get your info from again?
Well... Considering that he's been here longer than you have.... Probably experience.

The companies that do sell outside of this forum (although mopic, 007 and shootsoft are affiliated with this forum) usually sell cheap clones and crapsoft.

(^^^ WOW, that came out wrong.... What I meant was you'll be hard pressed to find an online store who isn't affiliated with this forum in some way that sells quality guns in Canada).

SO. Don't mess around with the veterans if they are giving you good solid advice, maybe you should listen to them and take in what they've learnt from their experiences. You've only been here less than a month and you're trying to battle with people who've established themselves in this community? Not a very good idea.

EDIT: That was NOT meant to be a flame in any way. I am just trying to tell you to respect people who've established themselves in this forum and are well known and who have experience.
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