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Originally Posted by Ronan View Post
What i don't understand is why no one simply makes AEG the same as real guns (in legal terms). So that AEG = RS = Need PAL/RPAL. Is the Canadian government really that busy or to scared of soccer moms? Airsofters still pay their taxes don't they?...
i asked the same question. the thing is, if that were the case, then it would have to follow the no auto, (possibly) 5 rounds of ammo/mag rule. Now it gets tricky cause with .22, you can have as many bullets as the mag can carry. And since airsoft is the same diameter as a .22 and fires considerably slower than a .22, i personally dont see the problem either. Still, the ultimate solution would be to create a whole new form of licensing for airsoft, such as an AAL (Airsoft Acquisition License) that is dedicated solely to the acquiring of airsoft guns, from registering them to the government etc etc. the problem with this idea, and even the previous one, is that to change or to create such legislature would cost a lot of money and strain on the system, to a point where (to them) it isn't worth it. Now if there was a sizeable tax return on it (i.e.: the amount of money they would receive from taxing the purchase of airsoft guns), then the government would probably enact it, but until that is proven, airsoft will remain the shady form of gray that it is. i hope that helped clarify any issues as that is my understand to date. if anyone would like to add to mine or (most likely) correct it, please do so!
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