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Originally Posted by Darklen View Post
Let's all try to stay on topic here. Props, right?

I've built several props for our games, including a "bomb" in a case, as crashed satellite, a faux grow op/ drug lab as well as several other items I guess could be called props in a greater sense but are more tools for the game and not meant to replicate anything in particular. I have not made any pyro props but have worked on several air powered props with varying degrees of success (usually from majorly sucking to just mildy sucking).

I mean, we all play for fun and there is a certain level of risk associated with the game that we are willing to accept, varying from player to player. But at the end of the day, I showed up with 10 fingers, 2 eyes and my hearing, I expect to leave the field the same way. Spraining an ankle or cutting a finger or the like is just part of the game. Losing body parts, eyesight or hearing because some twit wanted to use "cool" homemade pyro grenades and didn't have a clue what he was doing or made a miscalculation on the mix isn't part of the game I signed up for. That's stupid and irresponsible bordering on neglegent. I don't even want to think of the legal ramifications to the guy who built the device (especially if he was not licensed), the guy who ok'd it to be used on the field and the field owner, never mind what the injured player might have to go through. Ohh, I can smell the lawyers coming up the elevator.
nods Pryo is dangerous every explosive i have ever seen has had warning "explosive" but they're are stupid people out they're and for some reason they are protected in this country as if they where an endangered species vital to our survival.

the main reason i like non Pyro is that it doesn't produce any CO2 or CO1 or other emissions such as sulfur dioxide and that not burning things down is a down factor is a big plus. the issue with saying OK trained people can use Pyro is you get some untrained idiot going that's not fair why can they do it and i can't. and these people are why natural selection exists.

my option on systems such as the one's that area 51 had and what ever company they are made by now is that they are trying to do two much with one system. when ever possible break your effect up using separate systems for sound and visual effects goes along way if you have one object that creates a bang and throws up a dust clout the energy is split between the two tasks splitting it up allows you to maximize both effect's.
When you make an account at like 17... think... will you wanna live with it at like 26?

Voting liberal or NDP and signing a petition to ban airsoft is the same thing.
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