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New Double Eagle shotgun series at eHobbyAsia

From Arnie's Airsoft:

eHobbyAsia have sent in their latest news:
Double Eagle M3/M4 Shotgun Series from USD28.99

Pump Action Shotgun with Shotgun Shell Cartridge hold 30 Rounds of Plastic BBs Each, each cocking will load up 3 Bullet at a time, i.e. Shoot 3 Bullet per shot ABS Made Stock Outer Barrel & Body, rubber coated pistol grip & stock ensure accurate shooting:

Double Eagle M3/M4 Shotgun Series Double Eagle M3 Super 90 Full Stock Pump Action Shotgun (M56AL)

 Double Eagle M3 Super 90 Shorty Pump Action Shotgun (M56B)

 Double Eagle M4 Super 90 (M1014) Short Pump Action Shotgun (M56C) Short Barrel Version

(eHobby Asia)

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