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My starting set was $450. That was VERY basic (and found through some good deals off the classifieds).

I probably would have spent at least $600 otherwise (without the patience to wait for deals in the classifieds).

In Van you should be able to get a good setup going for $350-400 if you don't mind renting things like masks, barrel condoms and if you can find someone to lend you some mags and extra random gear.

Also if all you're going to be doing is plinking, just go for it. Clearsoft/crapsoft is great for plinking. If you get Cansoft, you're starting to encroach on fieldable territory though. So the real question comes down to are you going to be plinking or playing?

Where in Van are you (you mentioned Gorilla)? If the NV field is still running Airsoft games I believe there it's 16+ (just rent from someone in that case).
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