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Originally Posted by SomeRandomGuy View Post
The site I saw the kraken on was canadian ( and I think the
p90 I saw was a well d90, which I know is shitty. But I'm not trying to get into competetive airsoft, just having wars with my cousins and friends with guns that aren't
total pea shooters. I know marui is the best but I don't need one for what I need a gun for.

And does anyone know any Echo1/jg retailers in canada?
I really wish people would get this "competative" airsoft out of thier mind. There's only good airsoft and shitty airsoft. Hell, most of us wouldn't even class the well D90 as airsoft. It would fall into the "crapsoft, clearsoft, shitsoft" catagory. Seriously dude, those guns are not anywhere close to being in the same league as airsoft. Most of them break after a few hundred rounds, and have completely plastic internals so they can't be fixed. Do you really want to waist your money on something you can play with for an hour?

There are several JG retailers, they're all on the classifieds here, and you're going to be spending a minimum of $300 on one.

Like surebet said, $200 isn't going to cut it. If what you want to buy costs less than that, it's not airsoft.

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