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Originally Posted by SomeRandomGuy View Post
I don't really have much to work with over $200. Sorry about placing this question in the wrong area, I'm new to airsoft canada.
You didn't put it in the wrong area. Surebet was warning us other ASCers .

And $200 isn't going to get you a gun worth buying. Even if you could get one for just under that, batteries and a good charger will cost another $75-100, plus BB's and ammo magazines, and any other gear.

The accepted number to get into airsoft used to be $1,000, but you can probably do it now for around $500.

To give you a cost breakdown:
A gun worth buying: $250-$350
A good battery: $35-$55
A good charger: $60-$100
Magazines: $15-$35 each, depending on model
Goggles/glasses: $35+
A game's worth of BB's: $15-$25, depending on play style.

That's the minimum gear there.

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