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Must convert another to the Pistolero

Pistols, pistols, pistols, so many to choose from yet so little money to choose only a few, thats my problem, I can't have them all but you can choose the right one for you.

HFC - Ho Feng Corp

HFC with my personal experience some have had worse but their Quality Control is by random most of the time I do get the leaky mag but that can be replaced easily by calling the place you got it from and replace it.

Good thing about HFC is they are relatively cheap and if you see someone charging over $250 for it, its not worth it as they shouldn't be priced so high since its not really an upgradeable gun.

Its a good place to start from if you want to fiddle with it but at some point something will break but while it lasts its a fun gun to use.

I would vouch for their HFC Glock 17 as they seem to be one of the only guns HFC got right as they shoot well and accurate and you can find replacement parts easily for it.

But if you are a premium pistol user then you would stay away from HFC cause you cannot upgrade it to look as sexy as other gun brands can

Tokyo Marui

Now heres a place for the customizer! You can customize these guns to hell and have it as a nice shiny bling shooter or a solid performer with no bull.

These guns don't break often and some people have used them for 2-3 years without majour problems. The good thing people like is upgrade parts are everywhere.

And the choice you get with TM guns is sweet. Their craftsmanship is solid and if you get a TM you usually don't have to worry about anything. But be weary of heavily used TMs as a lot of times they pretty much need replacement parts for it.

Western Arms

WA owners would say that these guns are the first and only premium pistols to come out of the GBB world.

These guns are sleek and sexy. Although sadly the metal slides are not as frequently found here and hard to obtain but when you do obtain one, KEEP IT.

These guns pack a punch and replacement parts are actually not as hard as some people think, just got to search a little bit to find them. And the upgradability of these guns are great except there seems to be more manufacturers leaning towards having parts for TM guns

Definitely a good place to start if you want the best pistol to wave around
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