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Originally Posted by SKRuB View Post
Hey, Ive been playing paintball off and on for about 10 years.

Wanted to pick up a nice air soft gun. What is a good brand to go with, Looking for a non beginner gun, but not top end either.
Another ex-baller like me, nice.

Welcome to ASC

No wipers here and you won't have to worry about them.

I am would say from my own personal experience with guns.

- Tokyo Marui tend to be the staple brand for me on full auto guns and pistols
- Western Arms I find seem to be the premium for pistols
- G&G seem to be affordable but their gears will shred for sure as I notice all my friends with G&Gs have and had to replace their gears
- Jing Gong The most affordable guns of all and quality is decent and upgrade parts are abundant since its a clone of Tokyo Marui

So I guess you can equate Tokyo Marui to like Bob Long or Invert while Western Arms is like Tiberius Arms with their premium pistols. And Jing Gong is like Tippmann
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