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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
This could be beneficial to us, CA will most likely bring black (in the US) and/or semi-clear guns to Crossman's market. Sounds like the B&T MP5s, ARs, and AUG will be on the menu. If places like Canadian Tire and Walmart start carrying it, it could bring about the "move into the public eye" a segment of this community seems to favor.

It WOULD also have negative repercussions if idiots get a hold of them and start generating bad press, so hopefully sales will be better controlled than Canadian Tire and Walmart sales usually are (hahahaha yes, that's right, we're fucked).

Fixed .

I'm iffy on this, I could see prices go up and QA go down for CA again which would be a bad move for them. But, since they have REALLY turned themselves around with their QA. CA's sportlines truly do catch my eye, since they will have so many guns available at what would be low cost with out being too low that just anyone will be able to get ((ie. little timmy on a $5/week allowance)). CA and Crossman are gonna work together what ever we think say, so let's just wait and see what happens :P.

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