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The Rumour Mill: Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair 2009 reveals KA GBB M4, GBB MP5, AEG M60 and much more on the way!

From Arnie's Airsoft:

Jimmy (Moocow) has been in contact with some news from Hong Kong. The annual Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair has been running there, and heís been talking to several of the key Chinese manufacturers:


Firstly, in addition to WA / WE / Inokatsu and Dboys who are apparently already manufacturing and selling GBB M4s, KA also have a working prototype and are considering sales, but area first apparently considering the commercial viability of such a project and the possibility of partnership with one of the existing manufacturers.

Moocow reports that he considered the prototype KA M4 GBB to work better than the WE variant, with an improved FPS and reliability and better quality materials.

New ACM Manufacturer with GBB PTW & GBB MP5

Moocow also reported on a new ACM brand, P&G. Apparrently the company are manufacturing M4 PTW GBBs & MP5 GBB, which certainly makes them a manufacturer to look out for.

Thatís not all; the manufacturer are also seeking to produce an AEG M60 along with other AEG support variants

LCT Airsoft

LCT Airsoft also had a stand at the expo, where they were demonstrating some of their new wares. Most of these have been identified already in previous news, but itís certainly worth watching this space; theyíre clearly determined to carve a name for themselves as cheaper Inokatsu-grade AEG manufacturers.

Pics will come as and when Jimmy can get around to sending them me (which will be soon, hopefully!)

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