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I have been looking around at the various and sundry AirSoft photo sites, and I have yet to spot anyone using "Clear Soft" or even "Can Soft" guns, this is why I asked about "getting laughed off the field". I imagine that some of the photos have actually been of these types of guns that have had good paint jobs done on them.

The Gun I picked up is a Jing Gong DPMS A-15 Panther with the Clear Body, I have yet to use this for anything other than scaring the trees in the orchard, but I am so far quite happy with it. I have in the past had some of the "Crap Soft" from Can Tire, and still pull some of this out when my sons and I feel like "goofing" around. (Goofing around as in doing attack/defend on the wood shed, we always use safety equipment.)
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