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I bought 13 used Star realcaps from a guy who had pounded on them...I continue to do so, with no maintenance. they've been dropped, fallen on, and never oiled, just had the dirt and mud brushed off a them.
They kick ass.

Originally Posted by HeadlessChicken View Post
Got a 10 pack Star 30rds for my G36. Pretty solid build. Only issue, and its not a big 1, is that it won't fire the last 3-4 BBs. Not a big deal considering I got 10 to spare but they are low cap. Will try some of the others to see if its the same issue.
Unless fired upside down, nearly all AEGs will not fire the last 3 bbs because they are used a leverage to push the above bbs in the chamber...once the spring in the mag tops out in its feed track...the distance inside the chamber is all thats left to go 18mm...

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