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Reading the OP again, yes and no to cheap clearsoft in Walmart and CT.

Yes in the sense it's cheap as hell and you'll probably have some fun time "plinking" but it's also likely to break down really fast. It's really a trade-off between reliability and cost.

Do you want something you'll maybe use a handful of times in the year? Then get the Clearsoft from CT/Walmart.

Are you going to be plinking every weekend or every second weekend? Then it's probably a better idea to get a Kraken.

Other notable guns to get if you're going to play are any of the other Aftermath products (Kraken, Broxa, Kirenx(sp?)). If you're willing to spend that much more, G&G Products' offerings in the $300-350 range is a good plinking gun too.

If you do go the clearsoft route the best one to get is probably the shotgun as I've heard their shotguns are more like TM clones than anything.

Note: The Kraken may be too "hot" for backyard play. Out of the box I believe there were reports of up to 370 FPS on .20's (our outdoor field limit on guns are generally 400 FPS on .20's). If you get it, ditch the battery and charger, downgrade the spring, and reshim/regrease. (All documented in the "So you bought a Kraken" thread here).
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