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good beginner guns

Hey there,

3 things to getting started in airsoft

Decent gun - these can be had for about $300 - $400 maybe less depending on where you are. The new G&G are pretty decent- checkout Metaltech for pricing etc.

Decent battery and charger some where around 160.00 (80.00 each)

Good BB's .20 weight at least Metal Tech, BB Bastard and Excel are all good - NO WALMART they will wreck your gun sooner or later.

Gear wear what you want, play how you want. Airsoft tends to be more team oriented, radio communication etc. Where we play on the west coast we have a mix of teams older players who work as a team and one man players mostly rental guys and new guys. We have guys who are fully geared up and guys playing in a camo jacket and jeans.

Everyone has a good time, if you want to rush in guns blazing go to town. You will likely get taken out until you adapt but it has been known to work.

Same as paintball it all comes down to the guy behind the trigger.

Playing in the back 40 can be exciting, your best bet it to play at an airsoft field. If you are going to play on private property one of you owns, let the local cops know on game day. Don't play on crown land or public property that will end up with an armed police response.

We have had no issues with police, even when they went through our field on the way to busting a grow op, all though it was exciting for all concerned for a few minutes. They do not see airsoft as an issue unless you are being an idiot.
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