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Originally Posted by MattG666 View Post
Well then let's return it to the civil conversation.

What would be some good beginner guns? I heard kraken ak already mentioned
If you don't want to spend a lot of money, the Kraken is *ok*. Airsoft guns are significantly more complex than paintball guns, and there isn't really any such thing "'entry grade', 'mid-grade', 'high-grade' or 'pro-grade'". I've seen those terms applied to paintball guns. As far as airsoft guns are concerned, there's good quality, and not so good quality.

For example, the Kraken AK-47 is cheap compared to TM, CA, et al. However, it is not as good. It's not as reliable, it's plastic, and it will likely break down without some preventative maintenance. Whereas a Tokyo Marui gun which costs three times as much can run for several years without issue. Is the TM better than the Kraken? Maybe. It depends on what you want. For example, if one was planning on replacing all the internals anyway, then most of us would suggest a Kraken or a JG gun -no point in spending another $200 for stock internals you're just going to replace anyway. On the other hand, if you want something that is sturdy and completely reliable that you won't have to or don't want to work on, then go with a more expensive gun like a TM.

Another thing to keep in mind -and this is something a lot of newbies don't understand- is that Feet Per Second is a REALLY poor way to measure how good an airsoft gun is. There are so many other things that matter for quality and performance. High FPS won't do you any good if the inner barrel or hop-up is crap and the BB's fly every which way. This is another reason for the more expensive guns -they'll have better "small details" that the cheaper guns tend to cut corners with.

Basically, for just "trying out" the sport, a Kraken and a can of black krylon isn't a bad way to do it. When you go to a game, ask other people if you can see their gear. Explain to them that you're new and ask them why they set their stuff up the way they do. 90% of airsofters are very helpful and will jump at the chance to show off thier and explain their stuff.

Oh yea, I should mention too, if you're under 18, forget getting a gun for now. We like to try and regulate airsoft to 18+. We can't stop you from buying one, but you won't find a place to play.

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