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Hows it stack up to the real thing?

Pretty well actually. There are some minor differences but they can easily be chalked up to slightly different models.

Differences that I noticed.
1. RS has night sights while KSC has a standard sights. It should be noted that both models have fully adjustable rear sights.
2. KSC has ambidextrous controls while RS has controls on only one side.
3. Serial number on the frame is a slightly different font
4. Several of the trades on the RS are filled with white paint

You can be the judge

Disassembly is essentially the same as the real steel. Pop out the slide stop and the rest is pretty easy. One issue I have noticed is removing the outer barrel. The barrel O ring is just enough so that the outer barrel can not clear the slide. I have no doubt if it were to be removed there would be no issues. I have no plans to remove to O ring because I'm sure it would break in the process.

Overall a very nice GBB. At $217 plus shipping it is a bit on the pricey side for a plastic GBB but if your looking for a Tactical it's definitely a great option.

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