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is paintball not military oreinted, cause i wear camo that makes me goofy but you wearing a mask that looks to be from star wars and hide behind blow up triangles and squares is not at all goofy. I encourage people to take up airsoft but in your case I encourage you to buy that cheap walmart gun and shot your eyes out so you cant see and pollute this forum with your ignorance and stupidity.
A) Paintball is military oriented depending on where you play
B)I don't play speedball, I hide behind mand made cover and trees (but unlike yourelf i actually don't just STAY there)
C)No need to buy cheap wallmart guns, Brass Eagles are molded turd and can barely function (much your grey matter)
D)And if you weren't so ignorant and feeble-minded yourself you would have realised that the REST of us were having an adult conversation, something far beyond your grasp (that means that you don't understand it very well )
E)People like you are the reason that both paintball AND airsoft get bad names, because you would rather flame than hold an intelligent conversation.

Furthermore, by using such unnecessarily retarded flames you are only making yourself less and less credible. Your credibility can only go down from here, so just save yourself the brain ache of intelligent conversation and wear your football helmet to your special ed classes.


Anyways, are krakens that great for a beginner's gun? I hear two extremes of the argument and obviously I wouldn't know who to side with.

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