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Originally Posted by pipefitter316 View Post
is paintball not military oreinted, cause i wear camo that makes me goofy but you wearing a mask that looks to be from star wars and hide behind blow up triangles and squares is not at all goofy. I encourage people to take up airsoft but in your case I encourage you to buy that cheap walmart gun and shot your eyes out so you cant see and pollute this forum with your ignorance and stupidity.
Uncalled for.

As it has been said, to each their own. I use a rather heavy vest but it carries all my magazines and my team patches. But I also plans for a recon set up that will allow for faster movement.

I play paintball the odd time with my friends and will wear camo but not my vest or other equipment. Also alot of the members on the forum are military and use airsoft as practice.

*Edit* In the time it took me to post this four other post got in damnit.
Originally Posted by Hades View Post
I agree!! I always have my good long thinking shits while sitting on the can and wearing a good sturdy pair of boots.
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