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Let me chime in here. Both sports have their fair share of idiots. I find however that airsoft tends to weed out the idiots faster (being a small community with few places to play, once you're banned somewhere you'll have a hard time playing elsewhere).

I'm not going to name names but the guys I play with had one guy who was asked to leave permanently because of his assholish demeanour and conduct.

I find that there are paintballers who are courteous and respectful and they do bring a good name to paintball but then there are the idiots who ruin it. You've probably seen those trash-talking, rule breaking, assholes too (as you said you were a ref). There is the same here except they are usually asked to leave.

As for your "decking out" point. Some people do deck themselves out "to the nines" and they are known as "gear whores" we aren't all really like that. I myself have the most basic stuff, a set of BDU's (camo), a vest, goggles, etc. I'd wager only about 20-25% of us actually are gear whores, we also have "chairsofters" who are just in it for the collecting aspect and don't really game too much.

We also DO play speedball sometimes (That's only sometimes). Mostly we scrim though (like woodsball). Then there are the mil-sim events which are a more hardcore version of scrimming and where it's a lot more serious.

Like I said we are a full spectrum but more centred in certain areas just like paintball, I find you guys really like speedball whereas we like more of a scrimming style of play.

Back to your original question though, $300 should get you a good basic gun (or $170-200 for a Kraken). If I were you and only wanted to shoot something around for fun either get an air rifle (pellet gun) or invest $185 on a Kraken just to shoot around.

@ Pipefitter: He doesn't deserve any flaming of any sort (This is the Newbie tank anyways) also he is being respectful to us so the least we can do is return the favour.
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