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Nothing is more aggravating than reading an entire thread only to find someone replying to the original post without reading the entire discussion, and offering up information that has already been stated or is totally out of context in the current light of the conversation.

Any posts of this type found within threads will be summarily deleted. The same goes for any post that meets the conditions below.

1 - No "Read the FAQ" posts

This section is for new players to ask...wait for it....NOOB QUESTIONS. That means that this section is FAIR GROUND for items that are typically trashed and burned in other sections of the boards.

This does not mean that posts asking the same question over and over again will automatically be tolerated. If the same question has been asked multiple times and is in clear view, the post will be locked with a reference to the other thread.

2 - No Flaming

No question posted here is stupid. Unless it's stupid. If it's stupid, you'll know, because we'll be all over it.

Rest assured however that we don't need you to tell us it's stupid. However, ff you feel you have found something so spectacularly idiotic it warrants immediate destruction, please refrain from posting in the thread and report the post via the "report post" function.

3 - No "High Fives"

Posting "+1" or other such nonsense will see the post burned. Be constructive or go back to Off Topic

4 - No "Google It" posts

For an explanation, see Rule 1.

This list will undoubtedly grow. As it's locked, you'll know something new has been added if a new post indication appears. If this happens, READ IT.

Lastly, to the newcomers. This location is designed as a sandbox for you to post your questions openly without fear of being ridiculed. We will make every effort to keep this place clean. Know however that YOUR REPUTATION ON ASC STAYS WITH YOU FOREVER. If you intend to be a part of this community, you WILL meet these people on the field some day, and YES, it's not uncommon for people to travel across the country for some games so don't think that distance will protect you.

It won't be said anywhere else, but it will be said in this post. READ THE FAQ's. You'll be glad you did.
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what if it model after his?

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