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Originally Posted by MattG666 View Post
by the way i like your hcoice of the g3 :P

As for aggression in Airsoft, how DOES it compare to PB? I understand a full tilt speedball run into automatic fire is just plain speedball, but can you still do some full on sprints to better cover, slide in and lay waste to the guys side?
I don`t have too much experience under my belt - but I find I have a lot more fun playing airsoft then I did playing paintball.

I`m usually in back giving support fire because of the range I get due to the long barrel of the G3 but running up and grabbing a new pice of cover while dodging BBs is quite the thrill...

Originally Posted by Neil_N View Post
Don’t think it’s been asked but how old are you because if you’re under 18 id suggest waiting anyways
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