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Originally Posted by MattG666 View Post
I totally understand where your coming from, and I would play airsoft if given the chance. I just wanted to know if I would be alone in thinking that you only need a few milsim pieces if equipment and the rest is just for show. Would I also be one of the few who are willing to be more agressive? Obviously my ideas are biased and uninformed, but it doesn't help when the only one you see are 100 pound bean pole nerds that act overly serious.

Gotta hand it to you airsofters, far less noob flaming and more helping than most paintball forums. I do have to admit that paintball is being flooded with cocky morons who hurt the sport more than they help.
thanks for understanding.

There ARE people who we call Gear whores, but if they want to go for certin looks, let them, its their money and its not going to affect you on the field.
I personally just wear what I need to hold mags and other bits I use in game. I can be all deckd out as an army man when im on the CFs clock.

As for the flaming - we try and prevent that as much as possible because of the bad image it was giving us to the new players, trust me it used to be TERRIBLE.
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