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They were more then likey asked to lave for violating MED rules and not calling hits (not assuming, just contemplating) And stories from the effected party are ALWAYS filled with holes and mis-information so make it look like they did nothing wrong. That is simply a rule of life these days.

Anyways, if your only going to come on here to sprad your storied and dislike of our mil-sim games, stick to paintball and nerf guns. I would highly suggest playing some airsoft before gaining a view on it. come into the sport with an open mind and not what your firends say. If your not willing to do that, stay away from us.
I totally understand where your coming from, and I would play airsoft if given the chance. I just wanted to know if I would be alone in thinking that you only need a few milsim pieces if equipment and the rest is just for show. Would I also be one of the few who are willing to be more agressive? Obviously my ideas are biased and uninformed, but it doesn't help when the only one you see are 100 pound bean pole nerds that act overly serious.

Gotta hand it to you airsofters, far less noob flaming and more helping than most paintball forums. I do have to admit that paintball is being flooded with cocky morons who hurt the sport more than they help.

And the thing about speedballers looking like BMX bikers, well i can't exactly say for everyone but I use the pant's because they are far more comfortable and geared for outdoor sports than say the old camo pants i used to use when I played. I don;t mind people wanting to be more milsim, but for me it goes only as far as the guns. I would love to run around with an AK or G3 as I am a gun nut, and paintball guns are terrible for replicating the real thing.

I know my words are harsh, but I am spoiled by a few years of reffing paintball and having 99.9% of milsimmers being idiots and crappy players.

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