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Originally Posted by MattG666 View Post
Well that is also true, but it still drives me up the wall when people don all this useless aesthetic equipment that just kinda makes you look like nerdy wannabes.
We wear what we need to get into the experience. We don't understand why most of your speedballers dress up like BMX bikers. They're obviously not BMX bikers.

Am i completely incorrect when I beleive that there are players who play more run and gun instead of pretending to be something their not?
Most people play airsoft in part because it has a degree of make belief to it. Like cops and robbers for adults. If you're looking to just run and gun and think what we do is silly, we'd advise you to stick to paintball and well away from airsoft. Just as you want nothing to do with the likes of us because of our mentality, we want nothing to do with the likes of you because of yours. To each their own.
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