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Originally Posted by MattG666 View Post
Not to mention I heard a story from a paintballer playing airsoft about being asked to leave because he and his buddies rushed up and were too aggressive (speed ball style) and were dominating the tree huggers.
They were more then likey asked to lave for violating MED rules and not calling hits (not assuming, just contemplating) And stories from the effected party are ALWAYS filled with holes and mis-information so make it look like they did nothing wrong. That is simply a rule of life these days.

Anyways, if your only going to come on here to sprad your stories and dislike of our mil-sim games, stick to paintball and nerf guns.
I would highly suggest playing some airsoft before gaining a view on it. come into the sport with an open mind and not what your firends say. If your not willing to do that, stay away from us.

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