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lol i mentioned the wannabe military thing because many airsofters I have seen (not to mention a lot of mil-sim paintballers) get this holier-than-thou attitude that irritates me. Not only that, but when your not in the military, it seems kind of nerdy to go all out. I understand a little camo for the outdoor games, but its silly especially in paintball to see ridiculous amounts of scopes and . Not to mention I heard a story from a paintballer playing airsoft about being asked to leave because he and his buddies rushed up and were too aggressive (speed ball style) and were dominating the tree huggers.

I mean no disrespect to those who like realistic looking airsoft guns and don the odd piece of camo to gain some advantage outdoors, but these guys who think they are SWAT or military SF really detract from the image of airsoft. Im sure im not the only person who thinks this, and would personally like to try it if there was a way of renting, as I heard the only local place doesnt rent. I can't justify buying equipment for something I have no idea what it's like.

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