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Clearsoft, good for backyard battles?

I'm a paintballer and not really looking to get into airsoft as there are almost no fields in my area (not to mention the wannabe military-hide behind a tree military mentality). But I do realize that airsoft has one key advantage i would like to take care of: relative cheapness for goofing around.

I want my paintballing friends to pick up some airsoft guns to goof around in my backyard, (are local woods a bad idea in Canada? i assume its pretty dangerous) but obviously did not want to pay a large sum of money to get a quality gun that i won't use on the field.

My local walmart advertised a clear m4 style rifle (from research i gather its a crossman) for 80 bucks. As far as goofing aroudn in the backyard goes, is it worth the money? When it comes to paintball I know what's worth getting and what isn't, but I'm lost on airsoft. I just want something thats somewhat reliable and not complete junk, but isn't something you need to invest a lot money into.
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