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Originally Posted by cbcsteve View Post
Hey do you remember last game Sushi?

I was using Henry's UTG Shotgun (Can also be found in Wal-Mart, labeled Smith and Wesson) but for a springer it shot about I believe 300FPS will have to re-chrono. It has slam-fire which means no matter how many times you pump is how many will shoot out, of course the more pumps the less accurate.

It was fun to use but a drawback is it does not use shells it uses a mag. That was okay though cause I did not have to worry about reloading as often I just kept popping them out, definitely a good backup and you can try primary but you would definitely need to pair up with another person

Range wise it sailed out to the end of Defcon field from the entry point, its fairly accurate. But one drawback is like Crunch said you have to be a bit experienced when using it definitely need to have no fear of getting hit because you have to line up your shots 100% to get the kill.
Now I'm debating since I just got a AK74 out of a trade, so thats definitely going to be my primary for the moment, but then I was saving up money for a new AEG. So now my dilemma is either get a new AEG (Steve I may be interested in one of your MP5's =P) or get a shotgun...

Note: Steve dont say buy an AEG just cause you want the money =D
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