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Special effects charges?
basically what it is is a device that fits in a pouch with three small pressure cylinders all hoked up to a solenoid valve one with a Burst diaphragm and the others to small cannons is the best way i can describe them filled with say fllor corn starch for times when A Pyro is dangerous or B illegal to use with added condition of every one will wanna have a chance to blow up the objective and do you want people untrained with explosive's handling them no way

what it does is when it's activated the pressure in the 3 cylinders is released the two filled with powder create a cloud of dust and the burst disk makes a loud bang with out you having to worry about nasty chemicals and that fun element fire you would with any thing with flame

just got to figure out wiring for the IED and I'll post that with some pics of faux artillery shells a very common IED ingredients i am sure no event producer wants to be lugging lug a bunch of around the field
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