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AK74 and gear shops...

Hi, community of ASC! (Sounds a bit strange when I say that) As someone new to airsoft, I have a few questions.

The first choice of gun model I'm searching for is an AK74... is the TM AK74mn really worth the price in out of the box performance, while comparing it to the ICS ones, for example? (And yeah, I prefer lowcap mags, which ICS do not seem to have) Also, is there any AK74 in stock in Canada right now? (This is more to know if I can hope seeing one of them in one year, when I'll have the age for buying airsoft guns...)

Finally, does anyone from Quebec know any good shops for gears and clothing in the region?

Thanks in advance for wasting your time with the underage newbie I am, even if some maybe like that. ^^
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