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Originally Posted by johjoh View Post
Umm btw im not the one buying the gun if u can read and yeah i know but i just like to be sure about some decisions
To us, that reads very close to it being simply yours and makes some of us rather uncomfortable. We only really tolerate parents controlling airsoft guns for minors, not so much older friends. Friends aren't usually nearly as responsible as parents.

and as far as posting it in newbie tank well i posted in airsoft uns disc (im pretty darn sure)
orelse i was just very tired
You did post it in Discussion. I had it moved from Discussion into Newbie Tank, because regardless of your join date, you're asking a very newbie question.

Originally Posted by Amos View Post
Fuuuck. Buyairsoft is carrying cansoft now too

That's like a 5X Multiplier on underage airsofters. I've got a feeling they're gonna outlaw these guns now.
Try not to be too pessimistic.
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