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Sometimes reassurance is not always available from a forum community, you will just have to go with your own instinct. You cant go running to the internet everytime you are faced with a descision. Youve claimed that youve done research but by the sounds of your questions I think you could probly do a little more.

If you just want a quick answer that makes you feel better, than yes buy it. However, know that you are under the age of legal consent and under the age that ASC condones the ownership of airsoft. Yes there are groups out there that allow participation at the age of 16, but that is not here. There deciscion is yours but in the future please do not inquire about attempting to buy an airsoft gun while underage.

Has anyone else noticed that when you go to the website, click the enlarge image button and then maximise the window the words "BOO" scroll across the screen?

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