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Discount for ASC Members on Airsoft International Magazine

Rusty was talking to the people over at Airsoft International Magazine about subscriptions of the magazine for us Canadians and passed this on to me to post up for you guys to take advantage of. I know at 65 it's not the price of a dime store comic book but this isn't a dime store comic book. It's an airsoft magazine, in English, not Japanese! No more just looking at the pretty pictures, we can see what they're saying about the guns, accessories and games. Just remember to follow the instructions or you will be paying an extra 10 quid.

I am happy to do them at 65.00 but it will cost us 3.81 to send each mag which means you will be getting each mag at 1.60 which is a very reduced price from the 4.00 we sell them at or the $7.99 they go for in Canada.

So the 65.00 instead of 76.32 is the only discount I can do which is quite significant for us anyway.

When you place the order in comments write that you are part of Airsoft Canada and this is a reduced rate.
You hear that? less than 1/2 price. As an added note Rusty tells me he's going to be doing an artical for Airsoft International so look for him in print in an airsoft magazine near you.
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