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A possible solution to the dreaded cool down effect in GBB's?

I’m not sure if this idea has been brought up before in the discussion of cool down effects in gas guns but this was an idea I had and wonder if it would be possible. This is only a thought on my limited knowledge and understanding of gases and pressures, so the following maybe a complete shot in the dark, so I was hoping anyone with more knowledge in these matters could add their input.

HPA doesn’t have the cool down effect as CO2 does. However I’m not sure of how HPA and propane/green gas compare to each other and I am possing the following questions without that knowledge. I have noticed there are CO2 chargers with regulators that can be put on CO2 tanks to fill airsoft grenades. Would it be possible to use one (for example a Madbull charger) on a HPA tank and bring the output PSI to that of propane/green gas and use it to fill a GBB magazine, and would it function? Also any speculation on whether or not the performance would be better than say of propane/green gas. Could this be a way to increase performance in “gas in magazine” automatic assault rifles and standard semi-automatic GBB pistols?

If anyone has any information or thoughts on this matter please share.
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