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Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
With the higher quality CanSoft/NearSoft products, a quick metal receiver upgrade and you're closer to the realism you want. While its convenient to buy a complete package with realistic non-clear receiver it presents obvious import issues. Generally unless you're committing a crime or showing really poor judgement in your display of your non-clear AEG, most cops won't have a problem with it. Most police are not interested in persuing people using 'toys' which is how they see it - its the behavior of the user that differentiates a 'toy' from a gun call. If people understand this, then with these new clear but quality-compatible AEGs you have a legitimate avenue for the sport to express itself and a set of locally purchasable options for those who want to build out realistic imitations. I think this gives us the 'crack' in the system we've been looking for and gets us off the CBSA's radar, who, in the final analysis is the organization who is giving legitimate airsofters the most grief.
Some good points.

Maybe comparing AIRsoft to Nearsoft is a GOOD thing.

Maybe people will relate my Airsoft to their clear brothren, and not view it so seriously.

Scarecrow has shifted my perspective.
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