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I know for a fact if you're willing to make the trip or if you're in the area Laser Trek in the south side of Calgary does games every Monday IIRC. They allow 16+ with parental permission (in the form of a waiver) or 18+ (and you sign the waiver yourself).

You seem like a nice guy and I don't want to shit on you but you should read the FAQ section as a lot of your questions are answered there.

Clear guns are legal to import by businesses with no special license needed IIRC while black guns are harder to get in and require a lot of special licenses and auditing of the business in question. Therefore clear ones will be cheaper and the same quality you get as the all black ones (NOTE: I am talking about CANSOFT not CLEARSOFT).

Basically CANSOFT is a clear lower receiver which makes the gun legal to import by the business in question they are made by the same companies which make the black ones just a clear version for the Canadian market (come from pretty good companies (they're still China clones though) such as G&G, ICS, Well. After you get the gun in your hands, it's only a question of getting a can of krylon or your preferred spray paint and painting the clear lower.

NOTE: It is NOT that illegal to paint the receiver black once you get it in your hands.

EDIT: To get into the sport, right now I would say go to an army surplus store and get a set of "Airsoftpat" (AKA Multicam) and also find a cheap but good quality vest. Eye protection you don't have to worry about so much because I'm sure someone will have an extra pair of goggles or glasses (or you may be able to rent them from the field). One of the great things about the community here is that they're usually willing to help you out and spot you, some people may lend you some bb's if you don't have any or let you borrow an extra pair of eye protection if you forgot yours at home. Although I do suggest if you can get the eye protection ASAP as you only get one pair of eyes.

You do not HAVE to drop money on BDU's right now as I have heard of some people showing up to games wearing a t-shirt and jeans but it is suggested that if you think you're gonna be in it for the long haul get your stuff quickly so you can start playing. You can also try and source out someone who may have an extra gun kicking around and rent it from them for a game to see if it's really your thing.
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