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Originally Posted by PaganThunder View Post
So Quick question, as someone who is just getting into AirSoft, if I was to walk on to a field with a $200 "clear" gun, would I get laughed off the field, or do people use them?

In the past.. yes.. but the quality of clear receiver guns have improved to the point that functionaly they can be on par with stock black receiver guns.

Suggestion.. if you do get a clear gun... also get a can of black Krylon paint and paint it... then you can do the laughing.. at all the guys that shelled out hundreds more for a gun that shoots no better.

To me .. I could care less of you gun is clear.. the BBs hit the same.

Lots of people get in to "airsoft" via clear guns.. and once they get into the community a bit they gain access to better guns.

Very good full metal replicas are available ... for a price.
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