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Hi. Welcome. Since right now its the off season games are hard to come by in Alberta. But Red Deer does have the odd one every now and then.
Now Its not illegal for airsoft and you don't need to be 18 either. the 18 plus law is Ontario and that applies to airguns.
18 is the rule in which we use on these boards. Also from what I understand Edmonton is mostly a you have to be 18 to play kinda place.
Hopefully someone from Edmonton will pop up and answer the field age thing.
Now since this is a 18 plus community there currently aren't any good sources to airsoft avaliable to you. Also When you do turn 18 you can get ALL BLack airsoft guns. The clear receivers are just to make it easier for import.

Now my advice to get into the sport. Its the off season so I'd buy some gear like a pair of woodland BDU's, a solid pair of boots, and a vest.
But what vest, take a look in the themed gear section of this board. It has lots of ideas to get you going. I'm on my fourth vest its a pantac(phantom) ciras land its a form of plate carrier. Lots of space for stuff. But one thing I would point is get a vest that is khaki,CB(coyote brown) or OD(olive drab) since it blends better with most camo and enviroments in this area.
Other items to get would be the ablility to carry at LEAST 1 litre of water, under armour, gortex socks, gloves, sling, and a basic first aid kit.
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