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Originally Posted by PaganThunder View Post
So Quick question, as someone who is just getting into AirSoft, if I was to walk on to a field with a $200 "clear" gun, would I get laughed off the field, or do people use them?
That is a hard question to answer, Im not going to lie though. The truth is yes, people will laugh, but any decent human being wouldn't do it to your face and keep it to themselves in an attempt to be respectful. However this is not always the case, the majority of the airsoft community out there understands that not everyone has unlimited fortunes and wealth to invest into airsoft and people will use what they can afford. Now there are elitist jerks out there that do just the opposite, bragging about what they have and how much it cost at every given moment.

If you are that self conscious about having a clear gun, than I have a very simple 5 dollar solution for you. Its available at many local stores. Its called spray paint. Specifically I recommend the solid flat black thats available in the Krylon Camo line. The other alternative is to simply save up and purchase a non clear gun.

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