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GG tends to be over rated
ICS are far better than average mp5
Echo1 is the best value price, not as good as AirsoftGI rating says
CA are great external component but mechbox could be better if they wanted to
TM are still the best internal mechbox but external is ABS plastic
JG are TM cheap replicas with average metal bodies
Lyacoon, TF, Aftermath and other weird compagnies have many issues and need upgrade kits to compete with good brands. (at the end you dont save money)

I worked on most of them but prefer ICS and CA.
CA have ejection port working for hopup adjustment, some aftermarket parts are not fully compatible though.
ICS are TM's but with metal bodies. Easy to work, i havent found uncompatible parts excepted some RIS. Internals are almost good as TM.

Tip: you should get ASC age verified and look at hidden retailer threads.

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