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Hey I've been around just reading the posts in here for a few weeks and I'd like to say it's refreshing to see someone who's been around for a while not instantly knock down the cansoft idea. Thanks scarecrow. Though I fully understand the "realism" point made by many it seems that while we are all talking about finding ways to keep the sport alive none of us seem to want to compromise. After all it may be much easier to convince TM that there would be a market if they made the same weapons with a clear receiver, then convince the government to let us play with weapons that they've been trying to outlaw for 10 years. After all lets be honest. If we had cansoft made by the top companies legally bought and we all painted them for the sake of realism no law enforcement would ever bother with it. They already don't it the customs that's our main problem. Seems to me as though we already have a solution to our problem. Oh wait.... as per usual, human nature takes over and we all want to see the solution that allows us to do as we please when we please. I think we might have a solid solution presenting itself to us why don't we work with it. Just my 2 cents. And now I wait for the flame to burn my butt.
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