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Modify Cylinder Set - MP5A4/A5/SD5/SD6

Hey guys just wanted to give everyone who is planning on buying this set as an upgrade for their tm mp5. This set comes with:

Upgraded Cylinder
Upgraded Cylinder head
Polycarb piston
Polycarb piston head
Upgraded mp5 nozzle

The piston,piston head and nozzle are great and very nice however i did run into problems with the cylinder and cylinder head. When i first installed the parts I run everything with an s100 spring and to my surprise I was getting 240-250fps. I tried disassembling and reassembling again but still I got 240-250fps readings. I may have done this a dozen times and almost given up hope and thought that my s100 spring was a misfortunate spring.

Later this evening i tried a little experiment putting back the stock cylinder and cylinder head. Guess what? after just the first time putting it back together i got 330-340fps on the dot! I used the same spring as before and Im getting better fps, my conclusion is that the cylinder and cylinder head on this set is not compatible with a tm mp5j.

also on the side note, i tested the cylinder and cylinder head on an aftermath v2 gearbox and it wouldnt close properly. It seems that the cylinder head has slightly smaller holes on the side compared to stock cylinder heads.

Overall, id say that it is made of high quality steel and much better than any stock cylinder head, however it didnt fit right on my mp5 so im putting it away.

I was wondering if anyone had similar experiences with modify v2 cylinder and cylinder heads.

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