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All you NEED for TTAC is paintball goggles and $40 ($20 rental and $20 to play).

As for gear there is limits.

MAX FPS with 0.2's is 350. This is a limit, not a goal.

You don't need a helmet/face shield, the helmet will cause you to flag corners and I've never seen anyone use a face shield at an event to date. :|

Just come with money and you can rent from Brian, I recommend coming SOONER rather than later as his events have been slowly dwindling from two matches a week to one... Show up and give TTAC a new player!

The other reason to come is to see what we use, and to ask questions about the sport. You might plan for one thing and then find it completely impractical in use. A lot of people who come to TTAC play in hoodies and use them as a mag pouch.

There is a game on Friday, come.

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