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Want to TTAC

How lucky to live in T O where the airsoft recources are HUGE.

I'm interested in joining TTAC in the spring, which by then I'll have geared up.
Leaves me asking what I'd need.

I think the fps is maxed at TTAC but I don't know to what and no internal mods.

If I purchase let's say a Glock with slide upgrades ,pressure valve upgrade,can i use it there? Got smallish hands so Glocks are pretty comfortable.

Is A stock JG MP 5 ,too much power for TTAC? I like the look of the G&G UMG

Really am asking what I'm looking for and where I should start.

Protective gear like a helmet, face shield, goggles and body armour,vest holster, not looking to get loaded up like a pack mule as I'll have a hard enough time running away anyway.
Also am not rich so looking for solid reliability.
Don't mind fiddling with mechanics either but don't want to purchase an item that will be great as soon as I add this..put that in etc.

Looking forward to the TTAC Airsoft convention in February

Thanks for the help
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