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Originally Posted by ndballazzzz313 View Post
I just bought an aftermath kraken ak-47, so i took it out of the box charged it for the recomended 5 hrs and shot it. i then unpluged it from my gun and when i went to go use the gun the next day at my friends house it worked ok then it died. so i went home and charged it for another 5 hrs and i plug the battery in . click click. the gun doesent fire. i charged the battery even more and it got a little bit hot so i unplugged it. i checked the fuse in the rear and it wasent broken so i dont know what to do . what can it be?? help please? thanks very much
Does the gun "click" when you pull the trigger? (Like, can you hear the mechbox trying to do anything?) or does it simply do absolutly nothing?

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