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New to Airsoft looking for GBB Pistol

Hey guys, I've been wanting to get into airsoft for a long time now. My dad bought me an AEG (G&G GR16 Carbine, from his friend) for my birthday (yesterday just turned 17 Jan.3 ). Now I really want to buy a GBB pistol but I can't find anyone/store in Canada that sells them. I'm not really to particular about what model or make (although I would love a western arms pistol, Kimber I CQB SCW or the kimber lapd swat 2), but my budget is about 300, maybe in a month when I get paid I could raise my budget to 400, (I understand that they run for about 400 new) (wow thats a lot of brackets :P) I know thats a lot for my first pistol but ever since I can remember I've always wanted a western arms pistol, but I'm open to hear if anyone has any suggestions on pistols. I understand that these guns should be treated with respect and like real firearms and thats how I plan to treat them. I have been playing paintball for a while now and I've always hated how some people the same age as me, younger and even older mess around with their guns. They point them at each other with no barrel condom, when they are off the field without their masks on. Not only is that a danger to them but its a danger to the people around them. It's not everyone who does it, but its just that one or two people who treat ruin the sport for everyone else. I'm sure you guys are the same way with some people who don't treat their guns with any respect in airsoft. Anyways now that I'm done with that rant I should get to the point of this tread. Could anyone tell me where I could buy GBB pistols online or even at any store (especailly western arms pistols). I am located in Hamilton, Onartio, but I would be willing to drive. I know that people say that there are deals on pistols and other gear in the classifieds but as I said I only turned 17 this year. Also if anyone has any other suggestions on what pistols I should look at and if anyone has any experience with the two WA kimbers I mentioned earlier, I would like to have your input. Sorry about the long thread.

Thanks in advance and hope to see some of you on the field,


p.s. Do you have to be 18 to play on a field? Also when I signed up for this account a while back I put my birth year to 1982 or something like that, don't know why I did that, maybe I thought you have to be over 18 to join this site or something, but could a moderator change my birth year to 1992.
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