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Airsoft Digest Magazine: An introdiction

From Airsoft

Good news- more free airsoft media. Everybody, welcome Airsoft Digest Magazine: Company: Airsoft Digest MagazineIndustry: Airsoft, Hobby, Sports, Media, Publishing, NewsLocation: - InternationalAirsoft Digest - A free online airsoft magazine published in a weekly blog and monthly PDF format has launched.The new online and downloadable magazine will featureRaw stock airsoft gun reviewsTuned customized airsoft replica reviewsThe Workshop - learn affordable customizing, tuning & upgradingThe Lab, testing tunes... finding out what really worksKit & Gear - reviews, customizing and modsA female perspective on airsoftBB TestingRBT - reality based training with airsoft, drills, etcGaming - fields, arenas, games, ideas, etcOther - safety, gun prep, fitness, etcGirls with Guns Pictorial (Future editions)Index of weekly articlesFree monthly magazine downloadThe staff at Airsoft Digest consists of serious airsoft enthusiasts, players, collectors, shooters, trainers, armorers and gunsmiths. Not just the writers…all of us. Like you, we’re interested in saving money, what works…and what doesn’t.Airsoft Digest strives to provide instructive and honest information on affordable replicas, upgrading, tuning, customizing and more. We consider this honest information invaluable to readers like you...individuals who are interested in substance vs. hype; practicality vs. novelty; and honesty in reviews vs. ego stroking. Contact:Questions or Comments? mannerofliving@gmail.com © International Copyright 2008-2009 - Airsoft Digest™ - Robert and Isabel Showe - All rights reserved
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