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Eye Protection CSA vs ANSI

So I'm looking at some glasses and I don't actually know what the equivalent CSA rating is for the ANSI glasses most people use/have. I already bought them BTW just noticed it didn't have ANSI only CSA certification.

I did some googling but couldn't find anything. I know that CSA is Canadian Standards Assn. and ANSI is American National Standards Inst. That would lead me to believe that they are both approximately equivalent (maybe slight differentiation) if they are marketed as such. My theory is that the reason why mine aren't both CSA and ANSI approved is because the ones I got are probably marketed more toward Canadian customers and they wouldn't need to be ANSI approved just CSA (because the WCB uses CSA standards for workplace safety).

So. Did I make the right choice in getting these CSA approved glasses?

One last thing. I read the back of the package and it looks like it's rated for both ANSI and CSA standards but only has the CSA approved logo thing on it. What does that mean? It meets both CSA and ANSI standards but they just didn't bother with the ANSI certification?
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