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Originally Posted by Fury View Post
As for this new G&G Clear crap, I'll never believe the quality is on par with my G&P.
Of course it's not on par with G&P: a whole different, significantly more expensive brand. No one's asking you to believe such a ridiculous idea.

Mcguyver's problem is that he doesn't believe it's internally even on par with G&G itself. I'd like to remind both side of that debate no one has done a proper internal review of the cansoft G&G yet, so the jury is still out on it.

I do not want a battle of speculation to break out, all it does is confuse newbies.

Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
For the most part, non-clear guns are illeal to import, not illegal to own (they're in the "grey area" for ownership).
There is no grey area. Legal to own by individuals, illegal to import/acquire is a fact. Only spotty implementation makes it seem "grey".
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